Catalogues and listings

To make browsing our recommended books easier, we have created periodic lists that you can download in Excel files. These lists are updated regularly to include new releases and popular titles.

How to Download the Lists

To download the lists, simply click on the links provided below. Only ‘Library’ or ‘Business’ account holders will be able to download the following files. If you are new, you may sign up for free, or contact us to upgrade your existing account with us.

How to Use the Lists

Once you have downloaded the lists, you can use them for browsing our recommended books and making your selections. The lists are organised by category and include the titles of the recommended books and the authors.

You can sort the lists by category, author, or title to find the books that interest you the most. You can also use the search function in Excel to find specific keywords or titles.

We hope that our recommended books will provide you with hours of enjoyment and enlightenment. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Only ‘Library’ or ‘Business’ account holders will be able to download the above files.

Additionally, you may find below the links to download brochures for our various digital collections: